Posted by: Sahaja | January 11, 2009


Yayyy…..Guess what?? When I went home, for the first time in my life, I cooked for my mom….I did not allow her even to enter kitchen that day! and she loveddddd my cooking and appreciated my interest! And my granny also gave her certificate…So Now I am a “Certified cook by grandmother”
And I made dishes which I experimented during my stay in UK – like manchuria, fried rice, badam halwa, doodh peda etc…One of the new item I tried is this one! We call Murukulu in Telugu …..could be considered as afternoon snacks with tea haha….a must on festivals and tastes just awesome! So here’s the recipe!

What you need :

  • Rice Flour – 2 cups
  • Gram Flour – besan – 1 cup
  • Chilli powder – 2 tsp
  • Nuvvulu/sesame seeds – as required
  • Vaamu/Ajwain/Carom seeds – instead of sesame seeds or both could be taken for a different taste
  • Salt- to taste
  • Oil – to deep fry
  • Water – to mix


How to do? :

  • Mix the flours, chilli powder, sesame seeds and salt together with little oil and water into a smooth batter. Mix water till the batter seems to flow freely without lumps through the muruku press [as in figure]
  • Now, fill the press with batter, upto just above 3/4ths
  • Heat oil in a deep bottomed kadai and press the batter through the mould with a round hand movement so that chakras are formed as shown in photo [like how you do for jaangri ]
  • Once the chakras get fried to a golden yellow colour take it out and dry them in paper towels to absorb extra oil.
  • Depending on what mould you keep inside the press, you can make various shapes from sev to chakkilams.
  • Yum Yum…..its an easy recipe and i felt the trick lies in how well you mix the batter…..Make sure there are no lumps and so no moisture….If there is moisture, it could be dangerous since it might try to blop when you put in hot oil …So do take care and Enjoyyy




I am sending this for Sunshinemom’s  FIC YELLOW Food event [I hope it qualifies]….As her name indicates her blog is full of warmth and sunshine…i wonder how she finds so much time to present everything sooooo well! Do rush your entries to this event which is all month long in Jan! What a nice color to start off the year haina?


PS: Since i was at home, did not take many photos [ my granny was already laughing at my pagalpan! ]



  1. I think this is brown. Not yellow. But as a competition, I could also send a photo of my instant noodles (cooked one) to the competition 🙂 Jokes apart, in the picture of the instant noodles package, there are some peas, carrot and other vegetables. Initially, I thought that all that will automatically come! But since that doesn’t, could you write a post on what is required to make instant noodles with peas, carrot or some basic vegetables, and more importantly how to make it. (I have a small pressure cooker with frying pan).

    Destination Infinity

  2. How sweet of you, Sahaja! I am sure Grandmama was pleased as a punch:), and am I glad to be at the receiving end of one delicacy from the ‘Grandma certified grand daughter’;)

    Thanks so much for participating in FIC – Yellow!

  3. Cripsy, crunchy ant tasty . . .

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