Posted by: Sahaja | January 13, 2009

In Love with Red!

Last time, when I was in Belgium, for the first time , i heard of something called Waffles! There were street vendors selling hot hot waffles striaght out of iron…..To my surprise, there was soo much rush and crowd of people there that it reminded me of Mirchi Bajji in Andhra! Making my way through the crowd, I also got one…..and YUM YUM, I was lost in the taste to be honest with you…..they were melting in my mouth with rich sauces….and this particular one was with 3 different fruit toppings….What an idea right? 

From that day, I wanted to make some waffles at home, but did not have a waffle iron 😦 ! To my relief, recently I found some ready to toast waffles and here is my experiment. [I call it an experiment coz, just based on taste I made this recipe up – and it did come out well so u can take my word for it!]

What you need :

  • Waffles – ready to toast – 1 pack [4]
  • Strawberries – about 20
  • Sugar – about 4 tablespoons 
  • vanilla essence – 1/2th tsp
  • lemon juice – 1/4th tsp
  • cornflour – 1/4th tsp [optional]

How to make :

  • For the sauce , take about 15 strawberries and slice them
  • In a pan, add the sliced strawberries, sugar and essence and cook till strawberries are soft [add water if required]
  • add the lemon essence and let cool.
  • Blend them all into a puree in a blender . Make sure its texture is saucy not juicy. If wanted, for thickening, mix a bit of cornflour to water and add it to the sauce while still on stove and then blend.
  • Toast the waffles and dust them with dusting sugar if wanted. Pour the sauce on it and decorate with remaining strawberries as in picture.
  • Enjoy the Delicacy and its just awesome !!!!! yum yum!


Yum Yum Red

Yum Yum Red


This photo is going as an entry to Jai and Bee’s CLICK  photography theme food event. i personally like this event because of its emphasis on photos! 


Do try this and enjoyyyy!



  1. this ones nice…:)

  2. The strawberries look cool! 🙂

  3. Oh wow simply scrummy. Nice entry to the event….

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