Posted by: Sahaja | March 10, 2009

Spicy Yummy Pasta

 Spicy Pasta

Pasta and spicy, ya , fusion recipe, though I did use pasta sauce too! So lets do it!

What you need?

·       Pasta – 1 cup any shape actually, macroni anything would do!

·       Water – 2 cups

·       Onions – 1 finely chopped

·       Tomatoes – 1 chopped

·       Courgette/cucumber – ½ cup chopped.[optional]

·       Pasta sauce – 2 tsp

·       Oil – 1tbsp

·       Salt – to taste


How to do?


·       Boil the two cups of water in a pan, add a pinch of salt and add pasta to cook for some time

·       Once cooked [as shown in picture], drain the water and keep aside.

·       While the pasta is getting boiled, you could make the sauce or do it after cooking also.

·       For sauce, take a pan , heat a tbsp of oil , add onions, fry till translucent. Then add cucumber, and tomatoes cook for 3 -5 mins on low flame.

·       Add the pasta sauce, I used tomato and garlic pasta sauce , salt and chilli powder if you need more spicy [pasta sauce should be having chillies]



Variation – Fusion –

·       I tried , adding my fav tadka ingredients , to the oil first before adding onions, actually I forgot and added in habit! But I loved the small small pappulu [ pulses] while eating pasta. So dudes and dudettes I recommend this accidental invention 😛 !



  1. pasta that to spicy looks so yum yum

    • Thanks Rekha 🙂 Welcome to my blog!

  2. Looks spicy delicious.

  3. pasta i love it,but hardly i make at home,no one at home eats this.
    We are used to eating spicy and i can imagine the half cooked rice and spinach leaves.
    ur snaps looks yummy and mouthwatering

    • @ Happy Cook – Thank You 🙂

      @ Varunavi – Ohh really! I never made pasta before this…this was one of my experiments….I would love to see some authentic recipes from you 🙂
      Thanks for the appreciate!

  4. I love pasta! It looks yummy! 😛

  5. mmhhh nice spicy pasta Sahaja…..I am crazy fan of Pasta and we have atleast once evry week….there are lots of varieties to try nah….good one

  6. @ Raj – Thank You 🙂

    @ Vishali – Thanks Vishali….post some recipe of pasta too…would try it 🙂

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