Posted by: Sahaja | May 5, 2009

Single Serving at Spicyrasam

Heyyyy I am back!!! With loads of stories and a mouth-watering roundup of the event Single Serving Recipes!!!

First of all, I am so sorry for delay….sudden trip to Netherlands, delayed everything!! I should have done this like 10 days before….Sorry Sorry 😦 

Coming to my experience, Wow, I should say, the blogger world is very nice and friendly….and most importantly, enthusiastic!! I came to know and discover many awesome blogs, from whom I can learn a lot both cooking wise and photography wise too!!! Some photos I got are soooo beautiful that I was looking at them for so long!!

Snacks – Tiffins!

It all started with a mail from Kavya ,  asking if she can use EGG and I said Yes, she sent me the first entry 🙂 YayyySpanish Omlete !!  

Two days later, I was more than glad, when I saw my mail box with two recipes from a new friend Asha of Aromahope which are  also quite new to me 🙂 …Mixed Vegetables and Averekalu Uppittu and Tomato, Peas and Carrots Uppittu

My new friend, on wordpress, Valli of Vallisworld sent me, Saggubiyyam Upma which I know is favorite of most of AP and maharashtra people 🙂 Others, I strongly suggest you try this, you would love this for sure!!

Minna Sodhi of Mohani’s Kitchen sent me Pao Bhaji! reminds me of homeee shweet home!!

AnuSriram of Chandrabhaga sends me in the snacky tasty Cutlet Chat!! Man reminds me of college, how we used to sneak off to have chats 🙂 Yummicious 😛

Cham of Spice Club sends a special Vegan Thai treat the photo which left me mouthwatering! I am sure you would agree with me!!

Hosted Events - Single Serving

One Pot Rice Dishes!

Ohh Ya, thats not all from Valli of Vallisworld, another one to be added to “Must Try” list is “Mamidikaya Pulihora”. My mom generally makes it for festivals in Summer but ya my anytime favorite :)!!Pooja of Sai Kitchen gives me another recipe of Mamidikaya Pulihora  toowhich is easy and yummy

Srilakshmi of Annapurna sent the best suitable entry for people like me, who dont finish the food made at once, ofocurse since its only one person!!! Quick Rice Makeover 🙂 …Please do make this and enjoy!!

Priya of Priyaeasyandtasty recipes sends me another awesome onepot rice dish, French beans and red bell pepper rice!Oh ya  there are more delicacies too… Soyachunks Pulao which is quite innovative and I bet its nutritious! Kalonji masala rice which is new to me, would be trying it soon :)!!

Hosted Events - Single Serving1

I was so glad that I was getting such nice responses from new friends, I was even more happy, when Parita of Parita’s Kitchen sent me 4 entries in a row 🙂 …Guess , the smile on my face 😆 it was def ear to ear 😀 !! Yayy thanks Parita!! Here are the flavorful recipes,  Chilla with Gram FlourBell Pepper and spring onion ParathasSweet corn frankies [my favorite!!] and Masala Khichdi …..I am sure most of your cravings would be satisfied atleast by one of these entries… Such a variety of cusines I felt 🙂

Hosted Events - Single Serving2

Home Oriya Food was great too sending me in two entries …Chowmein and Veg Fried Rice…Common now get your noodles and veggies out to try these two!! Simple and yum yum 😀 . 

Rekha of Plantain Leaf sends me in Soya Nuggets Pulao and Broken Wheat Vegetable Pulao both  of which are absolutely new to me!!  She also sent me another innovative recipe called More Kali which is rice rava upma with butter.

Hosted Events - Single Serving3

While Manjusha of Kitchen Clicks sends me the hot favorite of South Indians – Curd Rice!! My best friend has curd rice even in five star hotel 😛 after a chinese dinner ;P haha! It cools the body and its always better to avoid overheating! She also sent me my all time favorite Bisi Bela Bath !! I love it and truly my favorite!! 

Sudheshna of Bengali Cusine, sent me veggie fried rice but hold on, its Microwave fried rice!! 10 mins to make 🙂 Lubna, one of my first friends who encouraged me a lot for starting and maintaining this blog….sends me in two entries, both of which are rice dishes!!  Coriander Rice and tomato riceSweatha of Tastucurryleaf send me Chcikpea Vegetable rice

Hosted Events - Single Serving4

Kalva of Curry in Kadai sent me Spicy gingery Vegetable Fried Rice . This is another one I tried even before completion of event :)…Its easy and perfect for single serving…After a long day’s work, you can treat yourself with something like this!!

Maya from konkan world sent me the recipe of Tomato Rice...Amazing isnt it? its the same name but how many different varities you can make…and how different they taste 🙂 quick and easy one here 🙂

Sailaja Aunty, specially sent me the recipe of Kobbari Annam or Coconut rice . She does not have a blog but you can see the recipe by clicking on the links [which links to my post!]

Usha of Myspicykitchen sends me Cucumber Yogurt rice . Prathibha of thechefandthekitchen sends me in Maavinikaay Chitrannam [mango rice] . She also sent me two more recipes Atukula Upma and Sabudhana Upma too.

Hosted Events - Single Serving7


Easy Crafts (EC) of Simple Indian Food sent me the recipe of Missi Roti .  I feel this is bengali dish but am not sure….EC you could help me with this :)…This is perfect to make on long days as well…tasty, full and easy to make which makes perfectt for my event 🙂 Thanks EC 😀

Then its Koshy from Koshy Mostofa, believe me, you need to try it!! Vegetable Lasgna . Its one of my fav orders if I go to a non Indian restaurant here 🙂 

Few days later, I got entry from Pavitra of Dishes from my kitchen with her brand new recipe, TOFU ROLL! Dont know if you guys know , to me this is was new and I tried too…Its very nice and easy to make…perfect for my event 🙂

Hosted Events - Single Serving5

Curries/Side dishes with rice!

Kayal of Kayalcooks sent me this awesome dish, which I love too!! Arai keerai Kootu 🙂 My grandmom makes it too, now I shall follow this recipe and see how well I get along! surprise surprise to Ammamma !! thanks Kayal 🙂

Now came, all new flavor from Ujwala of  Cusine point . All new flavor coz, she sent me  mango pachadi recipe which is my all time fav and mom used to say when i first moved out of india, that if you are too tired to make anything, cook some rice and eat with mamidi pachadi 🙂 Aww mouthwatering even thinking abt it !! Go on, try it , you would understand what i mean 🙂

Pavani of Cooks Hideout came out with a new recipe called Sambar Semya 🙂 Looks delicious and am def gonna try this what say you?  🙂  Thanks Pavani 🙂 

Mia of Swaadu sends me in Ariyam kadalayum which I think is a malayali dish ….made for breakfasts in Kerala 🙂 ! Why not go ahead try this nutritious recipe girls!

Hosted Events - Single Serving9


Divya of Divya Dilse sent me a breakfast smoothie, delicious, filling and ofcourse nutritious!  

Preeti of Khaugiri sends me in a very special recipe called Mattha or Dodakyache Gole!

Hosted Events - Single Serving8    Thanks one and all for the enthusiasm , encouragement and love shown to make this event succesful 🙂

If I missed any, please do accept my apologies and mail me so that I can update [hope i dint ! fingers crossed!]


Me 🙂



  1. Neat roundup yaa…loads of delicious dishes together looks amazing!

    ME: That was quick Priya 🙂 Thanks a lot 😀 !! Will be more active now 🙂

  2. Wow thats looking fantastic..nice interesting recipes. You have done great job.. so useful and marked many recipes.That too u have give briefs about each dishes u receive really i appreciate it sahaja. Thanks for conducting this event with lovely topic and sharing all those lovely dishes.

  3. Wonderful and organized roundup!

  4. Wow amazing round up!!! Many new faces here… I was unable to send any entries for your event but shall not miss again!!!

  5. Nice roundup sahaja….

  6. Lovely round up! I would love to make quite a few nice ones here… Very good idea and very good execution!

  7. wow sahaja done great job .thanks for giving such a nice brief descriptions of all the dishes……once again thanks for conducting this event

  8. Lovely roundp n lot of interesting recipes to try..thanks for the efforts

  9. Very well organized cannot believe it is ur first event. U ve done an excellent job.
    Hope u had time to visit Netherland 🙂

  10. Nice round many dishes…

  11. Wow..fantastic round up dear…i m glad i was able to participate in the event 🙂 thanks for those wonderful words 🙂

  12. Love the variety of dishes .Cannot believe there are so many onepot meals.Happy to be a part of it

  13. Cool round up Sahaja! You’ve a so many dishes to try now. 🙂

  14. Great round up.. Thaks for taking time and organizing it so well. Good job.

  15. Wooww!!
    Beautiful roundup you’ve put up here. Waiting for more events from Spicyrasam.

  16. wow what ayummy roundup Sahaja. great job dear

  17. Gr8 roundup Sahaja!!!!!!!!!

  18. Oh wow awesome roundup dear…….Hmmm so many intresting recipes…..

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